Documentation in hibernation

I did actually finish the June project on time (the yoga mat is now once again a yoga mat and not a bobbin roll) – but I’m terribly behind at taking pictures, putting the pictures into the computer, and writing the blog post about it. I will probably be late with the July project too – due to my usual excuse of moving house. While having peak season at work. So unfortunately the whole ”documenting finished projects-project” will have to wait a bit…

But a quick summary of the ”Out of your comfort zone” challenge: Bobbin lace was a cool technique. The yoga-mat-on-floor-as-bobbin-roll was a technique that did leave something to be desired. I think I’ll start looking for a proper bobbin roll/cushion – but not before moving!


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2 responses to “Documentation in hibernation

  1. Hi, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. There are details on my blog: and of course accepting it is voluntary. I really look forward to seeing the finished lace!

    • Thank you! 😀 Is there a time limit to this? I probably won’t have time to do justice to a blog post of answers, questions and nominations until mid-August (life being a bit hectic at the moment) but I’m happy to be nominated and there is nothing I love better than random facts, so it will be done!


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