Bobbin lace – yogi style

Make do with what you've got

Make do with what you’ve got

For the challenge of June in the HSM, Out of your comfort zone, I’m trying bobbin lace. It’s a technique that I find really cool, but being a non-lace-y person, I’ve never found an excuse to try it before now. And as I haven’t got a proper bobbin lace roll (in Sweden there’s a roll, in the US – and UK? – I think it’s more common with a cushion, but I haven’t got a bobbin cushion either…), I have to make do with what I have. I have a yoga mat. It actually works.

However, the work position of a yoga bobbin mat is definitely out of my physical comfort zone! There is room for improvement here… (Oh. That’s why they invented the roll… 😉 )


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