Stashbusting part 1

I’m late with the challenge, once again, since my stash project was too big to bring on travels. So I’ll just give you some pictures and get back to it when it’s completely finished! As luck would have it, my War and Peace idea is faster to make… (I’ve already seen in the Facebook photo album that somebody else had the same idea as me, so it’s not unusual either!)

Anyways, back to the stash. This is my stash. I was extremely proud of my not-so-large stash, until I remembered that there are some boxes in the basement too….

Stash. Some of it.

Stash. Some of it.

This is once again a rectangles-triangles-squares project, but this time it’s all hand-sewn and I’ve gotten a new favourite stitch, which you will get to see in the more official post of the project. I need to finish one side and then onto the hemming, then it’s done until the Accessorize challenge. What is it, you may ask? Well, it’s for a Viking outfit, a much popular but not un-disputed kaftan for women. The disputes are really interesting too and I’ll write a larger post of it in the near future, since I think it’s a really interesting but in fairness also a rather tiresome debate, so I don’t have time to do it justice right now.

Squares and rectangles, some of which are waiting to be triangles...

Squares and rectangles, some of which are waiting to be triangles…

I have come a longer way than shown on the photo above, but I seem to have misplaced my camera somewhere so I don’t have the other progress photos on my computer yet. So until next time, scatterbrain over and out.


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