If I were to be interviewed about my progress of the Historical Sew Monthly… #2

… this is how it would look (once again, all slightly self obsessed and not an actual interview):

Another deadline getting closer. What are you making this time?

I’m making something that feels a little bit like a cheat project, because I’ve used the knitting technique before in other challenges, and other projects. The only thing different is the thing which makes it fit the challenge: It’s blue. Almost completely blue. Or at least that’s my intention.

Your intention?

Yes, I’m not quite sure I have enough blue yarn to see the project through. I might have to do some improvising with the final rows.

Will you be finished in time for the deadline?

I hope so. I was well ahead of things, but since spring came so early, knitted winter wear doesn’t feel as important anymore, so the project has had a kind of hibernation during the challenge time too. But it’s great to have the monthly challenges, which allows for slight hibernation and still gives you the kick needed to not let it transform into a UFO!

So, you’ve mentioned ”cheat project” and ”hibernation” in this interview – are you at all invested in this project?

I am, only it got tough to keep the inspiration when I don’t really need the finished items until the end of the year. Next project will be something a little bit more new though, so that works as a motivator as well. Finish the blue project, then get on to the stashbusting one!

You still haven’t said what your project is.

No, it’s a pathetic attempt to get a cliffhanger in this post!

Well, tune in some time next week and you will see if I had enough blue yarn, and what the project actually is…

Yeeeah… I don’t think this cliffhanger thing is working this time, sorry about that!


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