HSF Flirtation – A re-done fairytale: Little Red Viking Hood

I’m actually on time for deadline with a project for the HSF! (Although technically it’s the second try at a deadline…) Yay!

The challenge Re-do has deadline today, and since my plan for the Fairytale challenge was to make a little red viking hood, but I didn’t have time to do it for that challenge, what better challenge to re-do than the fairytale one? So the little red riding hood is set in the Viking Age this time.

Little Red Viking Hood.

Little Red Viking Hood.

This cap is based on the info on this page, listing a lot of hat/cap/headbind finds. I found this in the Early Medieval section, it was found in Dublin and dates to the early-mid 10th century. It differs from the most famous Dublin Viking hood in some ways. My hood has no ties, since the entry I based this on has no mentions of ties. The most famous Dublin Viking hood/cap was made from silk, but there have been finds of woollen caps too. The inspiration for this project is an entry in the list describing a hood made from wool in a tabby z/z weave in dark reddish brown, measuring 18×23 cm. I differ from the original description in some ways, as my hood’s finished measurements are 19×22 cm and the fabric is woollen twill weave. The colour might be plausible, since this fabric is the same shade as plant dyed madder wool, and the mention of a reddish hue in the finds recording. According to the finds entry this hood was stitched to fit the head, but not trimmed after the stitches, so the pointy top remains. I tried to point stitch the top, but I didn’t get it to fit well, so I unmade those stitches and left the hood without.

The inside out picture shows pretty much the entire construction...

The inside out picture shows pretty much the entire construction

It was a rather easy project to make, since the shape is pretty much a rectangle. The difficult thing was to take pictures. Most pictures I try to take with myself as a model end up with me closing my eyes and making a wierd face, so here’s one where you see the cool shape of the hood, but not so much of my closed eyes…

The side view might be my favourite photo

The side view. The only photo where my eyes aren’t closed.

Pictures with a whole Viking outfit will hopefully come when the All-that-glitters-challenge is done. Until then…

Facts of the Little Red Viking Hood

The Challenge: Re-do. Challenge I’m re-doing: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood as a Viking)

Fabric: Madder red wool

Pattern: A rectangle. Folded over and sewn together.

Year: Early-mid 10th century

Notions: Linen thread, bees wax

How historically accurate is it? Fairly. I made some assumptions, and didn’t stitch the top, and I haven’t seen the original find. Still I’d say about 85%.

Hours to complete: Approx 2.5 in a leisurely pace.

First worn: Yesterday for the frustrating attempt to get a photo with my eyes open.

Total cost: Would guess not over 30 SEK. Woollen fabric is rather expensive, but there was such a small amount used for this project.


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