HSF 23 – The Gratitude Post

Ehm, this is actually not about a finished project, but rather a short post with links to pages which I’ve come across and re-visited a number of times during this year.

The truth is that I would never have finished any project of the HSF if it wasn’t for the amazing effort people have put down in their blogs, linkpages, websites etc. It really helps research and inspiration, and I think we’re getting a bit spoiled nowadays (in a good way!) when any info or any help is just a couple of google searches away. If you really want to see all the sources I’ve used, you can see them in my previous blog posts about the HSF. If you can’t be bothered reading my rambles to get to the good stuff, here’s a small summary of some really good links I’ve come across this last year. There have been other helpful pages though, these links are only skimming the surface…

Dames à la mode, lots of fashion plates, really good for late 18th and early 19th century inspiration.

The links of Larsdatter, which is basically where you need to go for medieval and renaissance stuff. The link takes you to the sitemap, and there you can marvel at the wealth of links. Don’t visit this unless you have time, you may get stuck! When putting the link into this post, I also discovered the link page to the 18th century. I’ll be sure to have a look there in the near future!

I did a lot of frustrating work on the failed Stripes project, since I tried to make a dress from a scaled drawing of an actual regency dress. I did not really have the skills for this, I humbly admit defeat. And I’ve been looking at Nehelenia Patterns to order a proper pattern for a regency dress. I will treat myself to a large amount of historical fashion when my tax return comes next year, and make The Revenge of the Stripes for any suitable challenge in 2014!

I’ve been absolutely awestruck by this article, connecting to this linkpage about Viking Age clothing. If you feel like going Viking, this is for you! Hilde Thunem is the author of the article and I suspect the linkpage as well. And after I’ve read her work, I also saw that she’s joined in the HSF as well.

And of course there must be a link of gratitude to the Dreamstress – the hostess of HSF, because without the challenges I might have finished one project this year. Now I’ve finished, well, more than one… And while you’re at her page, you can also read more about the HSF ’14!

Oh, and I will show you, as I haven’t done before, how far I got with that damned Stripes dress… You will notice the lack of stripes. That’s because it got as far as the toile and then I got lost… Ah well. Until the Revenge of the Stripes, then!

The Revenge of the Stripes - coming soon

The Revenge of the Stripes – coming soon


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