Slightly stuck on pause

Well, hello Internet. It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy with travels, studies, work and fireshows. I should have had a lot of pics to show for this, but my camera has been lying forgotten in my bag during two trips.

Coming to the HSF, I will really try to get going on the last few challenges… At least the coming-up re-do challenge, since some of the challenges have become rather UFO-like. As we’re at the Gratitude challenge, well, I think most of my projects have been impossible without the help of others posting stuff on internet! Come to think of it, my idea for the Gratitude project might be of collecting the links of my previous posts and also sew a bit more on the belated project which really has a lot of links to be grateful towards…

I’ve also been working at the stashbusting, and I’ll soon be finished with a new knitted sweater. And a Dutch Sinterklaas-project, for and from a Dutch-gone-American friend. But as sewing goes, I’ve been slightly stuck at pause. Though many of the others’ projects for Masquerade on the HSF facebook-page were enough to awaken inspiration yet again! So, here we go again with the gratitude! Communities are great.


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