Thoughts of ”That 1700’s show”

When I wore the last challenge I made, I discovered some things to change to the next project of a similar jacket.

Historically inspired, not accurate! ;)

Historically inspired, not accurate! 😉

First of all, I think it will need some kind of lining. The original garment had linen lining, and I can see why…

Second of all, I’ll narrow down the sleeves, in order to make the silhouette more like the 18th century. The silhouette of these sleeves were more reminiscent of the 17th century.

Third of all, I’ll narrow the cut of the neckline. When in use, the jacket had the slightly annoying habit of sliding down my sholders (another thing reminiscent of the 17th century sleeves, perhaps!)

Fourth of all, I’ll need to make a skirt to go with it, a wide pleated skirt instead of the narrow one I have on. And I’ll need another shirt than the pirate-style one I have on. And some kind of corset to go with it underneath. Well, this is in order to make it a more 18th century style outfit, which would be fun to do…

Fifth of all, next time I’ll need a little bit more fabric. It’s a little bit on the short side, and the flare will be more even in a longer jacket.

But as far as a not-so-accurate toile-project goes, it was fun to make, and fun to bake in the outfit as well! (If you understand swedish, you can read about it in the previous post, if not, well, there are some pics anyways!)


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