HSF 15 – Colour Challenge White: LWS – Late White Shift

Link to introduction

Link to introduction

I have finally finished another late project for the HSF! (And there was much rejoicing!)

This time around, it’s a simple white shift, very suitable for the White challenge. I have used a pattern made of rectangles, triangles and squares, and I will use it together with medieval/viking outfits. Since the pattern is so straightforward, I didn’t take any pictures of the construction of it, so here’s the finished look, hanging from a door. Excuse the wrinkles, it has been folded in the warderobe since it was finished some days ago…

Shift on door, which seems to have become a traditional image in this blog...

Shift on door, which seems to have become a traditional image in this blog…

I mostly sewed it on the machine, since I would not have finished ever if I’d sewn it by hand. The visible seams are made with unbleached linen thread though.

The simple arms of the pattern

The simple sleeves of the pattern

One thing I really wouldn’t mind getting better at is the pattern construction of sleeves. I really like that it’s possible to get very functional sleeves with straight lines and square gussets, but sleeve pattern construction in general is awesome, aweinspiring, and something I’m really not good at. Any more complicated sleeves than on this shift, and I’ll need a pattern. Hopefully I’ll get a proper introduction of the thoughts behind sleeve construction at one of the courses I’m taking this autumn!

My actual reason to make a white shift is that I have a medieval short sleeved dress in natural colours, made from a pattern based on the Herjolfnes finds (with more complicated sleeves, and thus I needed a pattern to make it!). The unbleached linen shifts that I usually pair it with makes the short sleeves of the dress disappear.

The almost non-existing contrast between the dress and shift

The almost non-existing contrast between the dress and unbleached shift

When I made the dress, I had paired it with a white shift that I borrowed from work, and it looked so much better. And now I finally have a white shift of my own!

The much better contrast with a white shift

The much better contrast with a white shift

With this in mind, it might also count as a Separates challenge, as well as the Squares etc. challenge… But no, I have another late Separate to finish!

Shifting facts:

The Challenge: #15 – Colour challenge White

Fabric: Nettle(rami)-hemp-blend

Pattern: Squares, rectangles and triangles.

Year: Early! I’ll use it for Viking/Medieval though.

Notions: Sewing machine thread + waxed linen thread

How historically accurate is it? Patternwise: very. Fabricwise: very plausible at least. Constructionwise: not so much. So 66.6 % (because an Iron Maiden song is stuck in my head at the moment).

Hours to complete: Not as many as to account for the delay… There were more pauses between the hours of work…

First worn: Around the house for trials and such. Not really worn yet though…

Total cost: This was the first project where I didn’t actually use stash, so around 400 SEK for the fabric and the thread, and there’s still some fabric left.


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