I have furniture!!

So, the reason why I haven’t been sewing much lately is nearly at an end. All I have to do now is to finish unpacking the boxes – there are about 5 of them left, so I’ve been doing a good job! (Even though I say it myself…)

I might continue to be running behind on the challenges, but no fear, they will all be done before the year is over. Possibly even the very late stripey one, though I’m not sure about that…

I also came across a scrap fabric (is that the name?) in a fabric store, which was perfect for my project in mind for the Separates challenge. So 20 SEK (which is somewhere around €2.50) for the whole piece, excellent! The project itself will probably not be the most historically accurate project ever, but it’s a thing I’ll need this early autumn. So more info to come on that (and the other projects) soon!


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