The post full of excuses

The delayed post about the Flora & Fauna will continue being delayed, although I hope it won’t be as much as with the Stripes project. There are plenty of reasons for this extended delay, some of them are presented in this list:

  • I have moved house. Most of my furniture is still approx 700 km away.
  • New job (hence the move).
  • I was at a wedding on Saturday, which involved two airplanes + one hour in the car each day on Friday and Sunday.
  • I am a complete idiot when it comes to seam allowances. Or rather, when thinking that I’ve included the seam allowances in the pattern. At least I did with half of them… But when a tight-fitting dress gets a 4 cm smaller circumference than intended, it gets really tight. So tight that I don’t think a shift will fit underneath anymore. Not comfortably anyway. So because of my own idiotic ideas of ”including the seam allowance” when making the pattern, I have to add some strips of fabric in the sides to actually be able to wear the dress as intended. I’m not overly impressed with myself, but at least there is a valuable lesson learned here.
  • I’ll start on the Squares, Rectangles and Triangles project soon too. The Bronze Age shirt. And hopefully I’ll actually meet the deadline on this one! There has been too many skips lately, but hey, I’ve got excuses enough… 😉

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