Lessons learned by the last challenges

I have come to realize two major things about my sewing mentality during work with the last challenges (Stripes and Accessorise). I will share them with you, but the advice is not general. It’s basically my (admittedly slightly exasperated) mind telling me what I have learned and hopefully will remember next time…

My first lesson is from the Stripes challenge, which is majorly delayed. It’s very good and skill-developing to draw a pattern and trying to figure out how to make it from a scaled drawing and some notations of the construction of the original piece. But it takes ages since I have to think about every move and measure and remeasure – and then just improvise and hope for the best… Also, to just make the toile (mock-up) is very discouraging to my mind, since I have to dismatle all the work and make it again in proper fabric. But the toile is done now. I have some more changes to make, but I’m usually more motivated when I’m making them in the intended fabric. And at the moment motivation-inducing moves feel like a good plan…

So, lesson number 1 when it comes to my sewing mentality:

When it’s something of a style you haven’t tried before – just buy the damned pattern and get proper instructions. It will be quicker, much easier, and you can always increase your skill with scaled-drawing-of-actual-garment-pieces-projects later.

Next lesson I’ve (hopefully) learned happened yesterday. It was late evening, I was working on the cap for Accessorise, and I was tired. I gathered the pleats in the folded linen serving as the tapes (tricky thing to do when being tired, even with the easiest pleating technique), and pinned them, and took away the pleating-thread (don’t know English terminology for this…). Then, in my tired I-should-just-go-to-bed-now-mind, I saw that the pleats were a bit uneven on one side, and thought ”I should just fix this before going to bed.” Which leads me to the next realization.

Lesson number 2 when it comes to my sewing mentality:

Don’t get perfectionist thoughts in your head when you really just should be going to sleep. It will go horribly wrong, and you will end up with your work completely undone instead.

Result of "just-gonna-fix-this" when being tired...

Result of ”just-gonna-fix-this” when being tired… The right and the left pleating bits were both done before I had my genius idea of ”just-gonna-fix-this”.

So, those are my lessons, and I hope I will learn from them. In a nutshell – ”don’t be overconfident, especially when tired”. Come to think of it, though, when seen like that nutshell, it might be a difficult advice for me to follow…


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