A new plan in one quick search

I found some white linen fabric that I used as a headdress with medieval outfits. This headdress is not actually done. At all. Seriously, I didn’t even hem it, I just bought some white linen and then went off to the event. So, with the Accessory challenge deadline coming up, I thought I’d make a proper headdress of the linen fabric. First, I thought I’d just make my usual ”this-works-for-work” headdress, a hemmed large triangle which is put over my head and tied underneath and above the bulk which is my hair in a bun. The fabric piece is too narrow for a simple triangle, so I thought I’d check some reference pics first and see if there could be a different, more historically documented way to make a medieval simple headdress.

And, not very surprizingly, there was.

First, I went to the all-amazing links page at Larsdatter, and in the headwear section there were some images from St Birgitta’s cap. Just the kind of look that my described usual headdress gives, but this actually has a historical source to it! Here is a drawing of the original find, and a search of ”the cap of st. Birgitta” results in several photos and blog posts. A lot of people have already made their own versions, which will undoubtedly be of great help when making mine.

With all the illustrations I’ve seen on Larsdatter’s link page, this type of ”huva” is mostly used by working women. With this in mind, I will make a simpler, less decorated version than the original. An added advantage is that it will also be a quicker version…

And I still haven’t finished the Stripes project. So hopefully I’ll finish two projects the coming week. (Maybe I shouldn’t make such ambitious plans on April’s Fools Day? But stay tuned, and find out if the plan is a joke or not…)


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