Yep. The stripes are delayed.

I’ve had a rather busy week, and haven’t really had energy to work on the HSF Stripes project much. It’s a shame, since I really want this project to be finished. It will be the first ever regency dress for me, so I don’t expect it to be fantastically accurate, but I’m aiming for passable-ish. Even with the plan of machine sewing and not-total-accuracy, I’m not meeting the deadline. I hope to finish it before the deadline for the next challenge… This picture captures my progress quite nicely:

A hopefully successful pattern

A hopefully successful pattern

You are right to notice the absence of stripes. It’s because this isn’t even a picture showing the actual fabric. I’ve only come this far on making the first toile for my Challenge #6 project. So yeah. This project will be late.

The pattern is quite accurate though. It’s a pattern depicted from a dress dated 1805-1815, in scale 1:10, in the most fantastic book ever when it comes to fashion history; Kvinnligt mode under två sekel by Britta Hammar and Pernilla Rasmussen. Sadly the book is out of print, but I’ve borrowed it from different libraries a countless number of times during the years. Despite the fact that there are many drool-worthy, napkin-or-bib-wearing-necessary pictures in the book, this will be my first attempt at sewing from the pattern section.

For those of you who haven’t seen the book before, it gives a presentation and analysis of several garments from the 18th and 19th centuries in the collections of Kulturen in Lund, Sweden. In the final part of the book, there are scaled drawings of the patterns. The book also includes different handsewing techniques, and of course the analysis and descriptions of the garments and how they are made, as well as a chapter on fashion history. That this book is out of print is in my world equal to the cancellation of Firefly in ”things that annoy me when I start to think about it”.

Anyway, since I’m larger than the person who wore the dress in the early 19th century, I’m making the toile by the assumption that the pattern is made in scale 1:11 rather than 1:10. We’ll see how it works out. Though I’m treating the deadline as a guideline rather than a rule this time…


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