Striped considerations

I’ll be shamefully behind on the Stripes challenge. My plan is now to extend that deadline to the deadline of Accessories, make a small accessory (probably just lining a medieval-style pouch) and present two projects very close to each other. To skip the stripes is not an option, stripes are awesome and I love them in my regular clothes. I’ve never sewn anything with them before though, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

My plan is to make a regency day dress of a striped fabric I bought with just that in mind. It’s a blue fabric, but reminiscent of a brown striped dress which I can’t locate the picture for. I feel this post is getting better and better… When searching for pictures of regency striped dresses though, I wanted to see how the dresses looked in the back, to see whether there was something to think about when matching the stripes. I especially searched for a picture I’ve seen before in a book, and I think I’ve found it here. It might not be the picture from the book, but it still shows what I was looking for.

Click on image to go to my source

Click on image to go to my source

As you see on this picture, every stripe is vertical on each piece; back, sides, sleeves and skirt, though the sleeve stripes might be rather horizontal when worn. (This is where it gets tricky in my mind, so I might be completely wrong…) But it doesn’t seem to be that way with all striped dresses. I also found this fashion plate on Ye Olde Fashion here, and I fell in love with this dress and I want it. So if I ever find a fabric like the one on this fashion plate, I will buy it. No matter if I think I should do stash-busting. This dress is awesome.

Click on image to go to my source

Click on image to go to my source

This fashion plate is from 1800 in Le Journal des Dames et des Modes and admittedly, if you look carefully, the stripes on this dress form squares… But if you look on the colourful stripes, they are horizontal in the sleeves and bodice pieces, and vertical in the skirt.

I’ve not yet decided which way I’ll go. That might be one of the reasons that I’ll be late with this challenge…


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