Peasant project progress

For the Peasants and Pioneers challenge of HSF, I’m making a twined knitting project (a fire-pouch). The originals are embroidered in a very free-hand style, so I’m making up the embroidery as I go along, without any drawn plan. No stitch will be undone or redone, which adds to the improvisation, as I have already added some figures because the symmetry got wonky in another figure… It’s surprizingly fun, and with all the imperfections of someone who really hasn’t done any embroidery the last 15 years or so, it still looks rather nice. And the spirit of the original is preserved, even though the motifs and colours differ.

Why then do the colours differ? Well, I thought this would be a perfect use for my 1-strand yarns, which I have spun myself and subjected to different plant (including indigo) dye-experiments. The originals have mostly red and green embroidery. Sadly I didn’t have any reds in my 1-strand yarns, since I usually spin 2-strand yarns, and have more variety in colour there. But here are the yarns together with the pouch, so you can see the general colour scheme:

To be embellished...

To be embellished…

You’ll see the final embroidery in the future project post. As for now, I’m leaving it a cliffhanger, and will try not to catch the horror vacuui so I’ll actually finish in time for deadline.


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  1. Jag får så lust att pyssla med något för att låta händerna få jobba ltie när jag ser vad du gör. Impressive!


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