Sometimes I wish I had a mannequin

Today is one of those ”sometimes”. When trying to even the hems, it would have been great to have a mannequin. Instead, one makes do with what one has. I had a measuring tape, a warp-weight, pins and an ironing board. And some floor space. I hope it’s enough for a decent end result!

A shift in the making

A shift in the making

This shift, for challenge #3, is loosely based on the regency shift pattern from the Nehelenia site. That is to say, I took a look at the drawing for the pattern and got ideas how to make it. Of course, being slightly overconfident, I also did some miscalculations, so I had to put in extra gores in the sides to be able to walk unhindered. (By the way, would those be called ”gores” or ”gussets”? I’ve never figured out when to use which word…)

When I started this project, I didn’t have access to an ironing board. I do now. It has also quickly been upgraded to a multi-use work bench. Considering this, I’m really stepping up inventory-wise, despite the lack of a mannequin.

Ironing board/work bench

Ironing board/work bench/multi-use thingity

I should be done with the hemming in time for deadline. Might not have time for the short stays, but that was a lofty plan anyways… One project finished is better than none!


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2 responses to “Sometimes I wish I had a mannequin

  1. Margareta

    Do you want to borrow my mannequin? / Mum


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