The plans…

Sew fortnightlyI think it might be a good idea to list my plans for the next challenges. For some of them, I will need to think some more about the actual project, where others are clear as day. So here we go. The coming projects will be:

  • Under it all (#3):

Ideally: Making short stays based on a pattern drafted (by one of my teachers) from a 19th century leather garment, and from images of patterns.

More realistically: Hemming the regency shift, which, quoting myself in November 2011, ”will take no time at all to finish”.

In a perfect world: Both of the above.

  • Embellish (#4):

Realistically: This will be the challenge I re-visit when and if there is a challenge of repeat-a-challenge. Why? Because at the moment I have no ideas of historical things which would need embellishment. I have however plenty of ideas for the following challenges which will benefit from a re-do of this challenge. So for now, this will wait.

Possibly: Well, if the short stays are made in #3, then maybe the cording will count as embellishment?

  • Peasants and Pioneers (#5):

Certainly: This will be a project made in twined knitting, which is a technique used widely in the forest/mountain counties in Sweden historically (and it was also used in Norway). The eldest find is dated to the first half of the 17th century. I don’t really know what I will make yet though. I would like to make the knee-high socks, but as this technique is slower than ordinary knitting, that would take too much time… I have some other ideas too, and luckily I don’t have to make up my mind just yet.

  • Stripes (#6):

Certainly (I hope): I really, really like stripes on garments. And, as luck would have it, I have a striped cotton fabric which I intended for a regency day dress. So that’s what I will make. Though I may cheat and sew most seams (except hemming and other visible seams) on the sewing machine.

  • Accessorize (#7):

Possibly: Lining a pouch for a medieval outfit.

Another possibility: A reticule (is that the correct spelling?)

I seem to be thinking along the lines of bags in this challenge anyway…

  • By the Sea (#8):

Total case of decisions, decisions: Viking or buccaneer? Viking or buccaneer? Buccaneer or viking? 9th/10th or 17th/18th century? Help!

(I have project ideas for both time periods, basically both of them include coats, and I will have occasions for both projects… So, yes, I need your help in decision making!)

  • Flora and Fauna (#9):

Probably: The making of a Viking outfit would require materials from animals and plants. They were also very fond of animal ornamentations. So it will probably be a Viking dress with embroidery inspired by the animal ornamentations on less organic finds.

The project for #9 is not the same as the viking project plan for #8… So By the Sea will be a surprize for me. I guess time and availability will be the final decision makers, but feel free to give me input!


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