My love for buttons

As I have already told about the buttons for HSF, I will show how I’ve made them. Cloth buttons (of wool, or rather vadmal – thick, stomped wool) have been found on Greenland. AMS dating (Accelerator Mass Spectronomy) dates the garments of Herjolfnes (a norse settlement site on Greenland) to have existed for at least 800 years, which makes them fit the time for my hood as well. More info about these garments can be found in ”Medieval garments reconstructed – Norse clothing patterns” by Lilli Fransen, Anna Nørgaard and Else Østergård, amongst other books.

The buttons from Greenland had circular patterns sewn on them, but I’ve left mine undecorated.

My technique for buttons is:

All the fabric you need for three buttons

All the fabric you need for three buttons

Firstly, all you need is thread (I used flax thread – or is it called linnen thread in English? – and beeswax), a needle and fabric. Leftover fabric from the garment is brilliant for this. I cut them in squares using eye-measurement, approximately as big as I want the buttons.

The button starts to take shape

The button starts to take shape. Bowl shape.

Next step is to cut the square into a circle, and sew ”up-down-stitches” (in Swedish they’re called förstygn, I have no idea what the English word is, but the image might explain better) around the edge. Draw tight so the circle gets the shape of a bowl.

Stuffed button bowl.

Stuffed button bowl.

Next step, put the leftover fabric from the square-to-circle-step inside the button ”bowl”.

Sew close

Sew close

Pull the button close and stitch it close and flat-ish.

Fasten the thread

Fasten the thread

Fasten the thread and voilà, you have a cloth button!

Front side of the button

Front side of the button

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3 responses to “My love for buttons

  1. Snyggt! Det här kan bli användbart. Lite MacGyver stil!

  2. Yvonne Virgadamo

    the english is ”running stitch.”


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